How to Choose the Right Self-Storage Unit Size for Your Needs

self-storage unit

Deciding to rent a self-storage unit is a smart move for those in need of extra space to store valuable items. Whether you’re downsizing, moving, or just trying to declutter your home, a self-storage facility can be the perfect solution to your problems. Gatekeeper Storage offers clean, secure, and affordable self-storage units in OKC, Oklahoma City, and Edmond, providing a safe and accessible environment to store your valuables.

One of the most crucial aspects to consider when renting a storage unit is choosing the right size to suit your needs. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of selecting the perfect self-storage unit size, taking into account various factors that will ensure you make the most of your storage space.

When it comes to choosing a self-storage unit, there are various sizes available to cater to different needs. Not only will selecting the correct size save you money by preventing you from paying for unnecessary space, but it will also keep your belongings more secure. By understanding the dimensions and capacities of the various self-storage units, you can efficiently utilize all the space provided, ensuring you get the most value possible.

Throughout this blog post, we’ll discuss the various storage unit sizes available at Gatekeeper Storage, explore some common scenarios requiring self-storage solutions, and provide helpful tips for making the most of your rented storage space. So, let’s dive in and discover how you can choose the perfect self-storage unit size for your unique needs.

Understanding Different Self-Storage Unit Sizes

Before diving into specific scenarios, it’s essential to have a general understanding of the sizes typically offered by storage facilities like Gatekeeper Storage. Here’s a quick overview of the most common storage unit sizes and their approximate capacities:

  •  5×5 (25 sq. ft.) – Comparable to a small closet, this unit can store personal items, small furniture, and a few boxes.
  •  5×10 (50 sq. ft.) – Similar in size to a walk-in closet, it can accommodate a small number of furnishings or household appliances, along with several boxes.
  •  10×10 (100 sq. ft.) – Roughly the size of half a standard garage, this unit can house the contents of a one-bedroom apartment, including furniture and appliances.
  •  10×15 (150 sq. ft.) – This unit offers space for the contents of a two-bedroom apartment or small house and is ideal for storing larger items such as appliances and bulky furniture.
  •  10×20 (200 sq. ft.) – Comparable to the size of a standard one-car garage, this unit can accommodate the contents of a three-bedroom home and is perfect for storing vehicles, boats, or trailers.

Assessing Your Self-Storage Needs

Now that you’re more familiar with the sizes available, it’s time to determine which one best suits your requirements. Start by taking an inventory of the items you plan to store, including their dimensions and the required space for accessibility. Next, consider the following common scenarios to help you make an informed decision on the right storage unit size for your needs:

1. Seasonal Storage

If you’re planning to store seasonal items, such as holiday decorations, gardening tools, or sports equipment, you may only need a small storage unit, such as a 5×5 or 5×10. Consider using shelves and bins to keep your items organized and easily accessible throughout the year.

2. Downsizing or Decluttering

Those looking to downsize their living space or declutter their homes may require a medium-sized unit, such as a 10×10, to store belongings they aren’t ready to part with just yet. Make sure to measure the dimensions of your larger items, such as furniture and appliances, to ensure they fit comfortably within the chosen storage unit.

3. Temporary Storage During a Move

If you’re in between houses or need a temporary storage solution during a move, you’ll likely need a larger unit, such as a 10×15 or 10×20, to accommodate your household belongings. Be sure to leave space for walkways, so you can easily access and retrieve items as needed during the transition.

4. Long-Term Storage for Vehicles or Boats

Those requiring long-term storage for a vehicle, boat, or trailer may need a larger, outdoor storage space, like a 10×20 or even a larger unit, depending on the dimensions of the vehicle or boat. Ensure there is enough room to maneuver the vehicle in and out of the unit without causing damage to the unit or your vehicle.

Maximizing Your Storage Space: Packing and Organization Tips

It’s possible to make the most of your rented storage space by following some simple packing and organization tips. Efficient planning and packing will not only help you fit more items in the unit but will also make it easier to access and protect your belongings. Here are some suggestions for maximizing your storage space:

  •  Disassemble large furniture items, such as bed frames and tables, to minimize the occupied space.
  •  Use sturdy, uniform-sized boxes for easy stacking and label them clearly for quick identification.
  •  Place frequently accessed items near the front of the unit and create clear walkways for easy access.
  •  Utilize vertical space by stacking items and using tall shelves to store boxes and other belongings.
  •  Protect fragile items with bubble wrap or packing paper and store them in well-labeled, separate boxes.
  •  Fill empty spaces in furniture with smaller items or boxes to maximize the use of available space.

Finding the Perfect Self-Storage Unit for Your Needs

Choosing the right self-storage unit size may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. By understanding the different sizes available, assessing your specific storage needs, and employing efficient packing and organization methods, you can make the most of your rented storage space.

Gatekeeper Storage offers a variety of clean, secure, and affordable storage units in OKC, Oklahoma City, and Edmond to cater to your unique requirements. Reach out to our friendly team today to discuss self-storage in Oklahoma City, and let us help you find the ideal solution to ensure the safekeeping of your valuables.

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Make the Most of Your Self-Storage Unit: Storage Efficiency Tips

self-storage unit

Efficiently utilizing your self-storage unit is essential for getting the most out of your storage solution. A well-organized storage unit not only helps you save valuable space but also makes it easier to access and locate specific items when needed. This ultimately results in an overall more satisfying and successful storage experience. Gatekeeper Self Storage, offering clean, secure, and affordable storage units in Oklahoma City and Edmond, aims to assist customers in optimizing their storage space and providing an unmatched storage experience.

In this post, we will present key tips and tricks that can help you maximize the efficiency of your self-storage unit. These valuable insights include practical suggestions for proper storage organization, choosing the right unit size, utilizing vertical spacing, seasonal storage rotation, and much more. By following these efficient storage practices, you will be able to store more items within your unit while maintaining easy access to your belongings.

At Gatekeeper Self Storage, we understand that each customer’s storage needs are unique, and our professional team is always ready to provide personalized advice and support. Our range of unit sizes and climate-controlled options ensures that you have the flexibility to choose a storage solution tailored to your requirements. Trust Gatekeeper Self Storage for your storage needs in OKC and Edmond.

1. Choosing the Right Unit Size

Selecting the ideal unit size suited to your storage needs is crucial for utilizing your storage space efficiently. Consider these tips when deciding on the perfect unit size:

  • Assess your belongings: Create an inventory of all items you plan to store and estimate the total volume of space they would acquire. This helps you establish a visual idea of the storage unit size required.
  • Leave room for access: When determining the appropriate unit size, remember to account for sufficient aisle space to access items with ease. This ensures that you are not forced to unload a large portion of your unit each time you need to retrieve a specific item.
  • Plan for future needs: If you anticipate adding more belongings to your storage unit over time, consider selecting a slightly larger unit to accommodate future changes.

Gatekeeper Self Storage offers various unit sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your storage needs.

2. Organizational Techniques for Efficient Storage

Implementing an effective organizational system has a significant impact on storage efficiency. By creating a storage layout plan and a labeling system, you can optimize your storage space while maintaining quick access to your belongings.

  • Plan your layout: Sketch a simple blueprint of your storage unit and mark the potential placement of each item, grouping them by category. This will provide a visual guideline to help you arrange your belongings within the unit for maximum efficiency.
  • Label boxes and containers: Clearly label each box or container with a brief description of its contents. This allows for quick identification of items stored within and reduces the need to rummage through multiple containers to locate a specific item.

Maintaining an organized storage system can help you save time and effort in accessing or locating your belongings.

3. Utilizing Vertical Space

When maximizing the efficiency of your self-storage unit, it’s important not to neglect the vertical space available. Here are some techniques to help you optimize your storage unit’s vertical capacity:

  • Utilize shelving: Installing sturdy shelves within your storage unit can dramatically increase the unit’s storage capacity. It allows you to store items vertically, opening up valuable floor space.
  • Stack items safely: Stacking items is a great way to use vertical space; however, it is crucial to ensure that your belongings are secure to avoid potential damage. When stacking items, place heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones on top. Use sturdy boxes that can handle the weight, and consider using box fillers like bubble wrap or packing peanuts to maintain stability.

By utilizing your storage unit’s vertical space, you can significantly enhance its storage capacity without compromising your belongings’ safety.

4. Seasonal Storage Rotation

Rotating seasonal items in and out of your self-storage unit as needed can further increase your unit’s efficiency. By storing off-season items such as winter clothing or holiday decorations, you free up space in your home and can better utilize your storage unit. Consider these tips for managing seasonal storage rotation:

  • Designate a seasonal storage area: Set aside a specific area within your storage unit for seasonal items. This will allow for easier access when it’s time to swap them out.
  • Schedule regular swaps: Periodically switch seasonal items in your storage unit as needed. Setting a regular schedule for seasonal storage rotation can help ensure your storage unit stays organized and efficient.

By practicing seasonal storage rotation, you can make the most of your self-storage unit while keeping your home clutter-free.


Maximizing the efficiency of your self-storage space is crucial for an organized and successful storage experience. By choosing the appropriate unit size, implementing organizational techniques, utilizing vertical space, and managing seasonal storage rotations, you can optimize the available space within your unit.

At Gatekeeper Self Storage in Oklahoma City and Edmond, our goal is to provide our customers with an unparalleled storage experience. Trust our expert team, clean and secure facilities, and exceptional customer service for all your self-storage needs. Contact us today to reserve your self-storage units in Edmond!

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The Ultimate Guide to Packing and Storing Items for Long-Term Storage

inventory storage

Long-term storage is often necessary for individuals and families due to various life events, such as long-term travels, military deployments, or home renovations. When it comes to long-term storage, proper packing and organization are crucial to ensure the safety, accessibility, and integrity of your belongings. At Gatekeeper Self Storage in OKC and Edmond, we provide clean, secure, and affordable self-storage solutions to meet the unique needs of individuals seeking long-term storage options.

The process of packing and storing your belongings for an extended period may seem daunting, but with some expert guidance, you can ensure the protection and organization of your stored items. In this blog post, we will walk you through a comprehensive guide on efficiently packing and storing your possessions for long-term storage. We’ll cover tips on selecting the right storage unit, preparing your belongings, packing techniques, organization strategies, and preventive measures to keep your items in optimal condition during long-term storage.

1. Assessing Your Long-Term Storage Needs

Determining the appropriate storage unit is the first step in the long-term storage process. Carefully assess your needs to make an informed decision:

– Evaluating Size and Type: Consider the volume and dimensions of your belongings, as well as any unique storage requirements such as climate control. Gatekeeper Self Storage offers various sizes and types of units to cater to your specific needs.

– Climate-Controlled Storage: Some items, such as artwork, electronics, and wooden furniture, are susceptible to damage from fluctuating temperatures and humidity. A climate-controlled storage unit may be necessary for these belongings.

By carefully assessing your long-term storage needs, you can select the optimal storage unit to protect and preserve your possessions.

2. Inventory and Documentation

Maintaining detailed records of your stored belongings is vital during long-term storage, as it helps you keep track of your items and facilitates easy accessibility:

– Creating an Inventory: List all items you’re placing in the storage unit. This inventory will serve as a reference when you need to locate specific belongings or check your storage unit’s contents.

– Documenting Contents: Take photographs of your stored items and individual boxes, and store their images with a written inventory. This documentation provides a visual aid for remembering your unit’s organization.

Taking the time to record your stored possessions will save you time and effort when you need to access your belongings.

3. Preparing Your Items for Long-Term Storage

Proper item preparation is critical for ensuring the integrity and longevity of your belongings during long-term storage. Different items require different preparation methods:

– Cleaning, Treating, and Protecting: Clean all items before storage to remove dirt, dust, and residues. Apply protective treatments, such as waxing wooden furniture or vacuum-sealing clothing, as needed.

– Item-Specific Storage Methods: Each item type demands a specific storage method. For example, store electronics in their original packaging or anti-static bags, wrap fragile items in bubble wrap, and protect furniture legs with specially designed covers.

Taking the time to adequately prepare your belongings for long-term storage is an investment in their protection and preservation.

4. Efficient Packing Tips and Tricks

Maximizing the space in your storage unit and protecting your belongings are both crucial factors in long-term storage. Employ these packing techniques to optimize your storage experience:

– Choosing Packing Materials: High-quality packing supplies, such as sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape, are essential for protecting your belongings during long-term storage. Avoid using newspaper, as the ink can transfer onto items.

– Packing Techniques: Employ smart packing methods like nesting smaller items inside larger ones, filling empty spaces with packing material, and layering heavier items on the bottom with lighter items on top. These techniques will ensure maximum space utilization and protect your belongings from damage.

These efficient packing tips will help to maintain the safety of your items and make the best use of your storage unit.

5. Organization Strategies for Accessible Storage

Organizing your storage unit effectively will improve accessibility and ensure that you can easily locate your items when needed:

– Labeling and Mapping: Clearly label all boxes and containers with their contents, and create a map of your unit’s layout. This map will guide you when you need to locate specific belongings within your storage unit.

– Item Placement: Position frequently used or essential items near the front of the unit for easy access. Store similar items together, and leave walkways for easy navigation.

Effective organization strategies will help you quickly access your items and maintain a well-ordered storage unit.


Long-term storage at Gatekeeper Self Storage in OKC and Edmond is a convenient and secure solution for individuals and families seeking to protect and preserve their possessions. By assessing your storage needs, maintaining proper inventory, preparing items, employing efficient packing techniques, and organizing your storage unit, you will optimize your long-term storage experience. Trusting Gatekeeper Self Storage with your belongings for an extended period will provide peace of mind, and following these expert tips will ensure easy access and safeguard the integrity of your valuable items.

Searching for a safe and secure place to store your valuable belongings? Look no further than Gatekeeper Self Storage! Our clean and secure self-storage units are the perfect solution for anyone needing extra storage space. Whether you’re looking to store furniture, electronics, or other valuable items, our units are designed to keep your belongings safe and secure. With 24/7 surveillance and a state-of-the-art security system, you can rest easy knowing that your items are protected at all times. Plus, our flexible rental options and competitive pricing make it easy to find a unit that fits your budget and needs. Don’t wait any longer to get the extra space you need – contact us today and discover why Gatekeeper Self Storage is the premier choice for affordable storage units in Oklahoma City.

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How to Protect Your Valuables in Self-Storage Units: Maintaining Safe and Secure Storage

taping up storage box

When choosing a self-storage facility, the safety and security of your valuables are of the utmost importance. Gatekeeper Storage in Oklahoma City and Edmond understands this need and is dedicated to providing clean, secure, and affordable self-storage units to protect your possessions. However, in addition to selecting the right storage facility, there are several steps you can take as a renter to further bolster the security of your stored belongings.

In this blog post, we will discuss in-depth the practical measures you can take to guarantee the safety of your valuables while storing them at Gatekeeper Storage. We will delve into proactive security measures and storage techniques that contribute to creating a more secure environment for your belongings. From carefully choosing your storage unit and its location to investing in preventative measures such as locks, packaging materials, and climate control, these tips will ensure that you feel confident and at ease when entrusting your valuables to a self-storage unit.

Choosing the Right Storage Unit and Location

Selecting the right storage unit size and location significantly impacts the safety of your belongings. Here are some factors to consider when making your choice:

  • Unit size: Opt for a storage unit that accommodates your belongings without overcrowding. This allows for proper organization, easier access, and reduces the risk of accidents or damage to your items.
  • Location within the facility: Consider the proximity of your storage unit to facility entrances or exits. Units situated further from these points could provide an additional layer of security by being less accessible to potential intruders.
  • Surveillance and lighting: Ensure that your chosen storage facility has ample security measures in place, such as surveillance cameras and sufficient lighting. This deters potential break-ins and improves overall safety.

By thoughtfully choosing your storage unit and its location, you take an essential step in protecting your possessions within Gatekeeper Storage.

Investing in Quality Locks and Security Measures

A reliable locking system is crucial for maintaining the security of your self-storage unit. Invest in high-quality locks and consider added security features to enhance protection:

  • High-quality locks: Obtain a durable, weather-resistant lock, such as a disc or cylinder lock, to provide an additional layer of security for your storage unit.
  • Additional security measures: If your storage facility offers optional security features, such as alarms or a monitored access system, consider adopting these. They provide further peace of mind and ensure your items are well-guarded.
  • Routine security checks: Routinely inspect your unit to confirm that your locks and security measures remain effective and functioning properly.

By investing in quality locks and security measures, you bolster the safety of your valuables stored at Gatekeeper Storage.

Proper Packaging and Storage Methods

Preserving your belongings during the storage period requires proper packaging and storage techniques. Implement the following methods to protect your items from potential damage:

  • Using appropriate packaging materials: Utilize sturdy, high-quality packing materials, such as boxes, bubble wrap, and packing paper, to ensure items are safely secured within your unit.
  • Elevating your belongings: Place your belongings on wooden pallets or shelving to protect them from potential water damage or pests.
  • Implementing strategic storage planning: Organize items within your unit by category, and avoid placing heavy items on top of fragile ones to prevent damage. Designate a clear path for easy access and retrieval.

Adopting proper packaging and storage methods allows your stored items to remain protected and undamaged during their time in the self-storage unit.

Climate Control for Sensitive Items

When storing sensitive belongings, a climate-controlled unit provides optimal protection against temperature fluctuations and humidity:

  • Understanding climate-controlled storage: Climate-controlled storage units maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level to prevent damage caused by extreme temperatures, humidity, or condensation.
  • Identifying sensitive items: Items such as electronics, wooden furniture, artwork, and collectibles often benefit from climate-controlled storage, as they may succumb to damage in fluctuating temperatures or humidity.
  • Weighing the benefits and costs: Determine if climate-controlled storage is necessary based on the sensitivity of your items and the climate of your region, keeping in mind that investing in climate control can save you from facing potential damage or costly replacements.

Considering climate-controlled storage for sensitive items is a crucial step in ensuring their protection and preservation while in storage.

Insurance and Coverage Options

Having proper insurance coverage for your stored possessions offers financial protection against unexpected incidents:

  • Existing insurance policies: First, review your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy to determine if your stored belongings are already covered.
  • Storage facility insurance: If your existing insurance does not cover stored items, inquire about available storage unit insurance policies at your facility. Gatekeeper Storage may offer coverage options that cater specifically to your self-storage requirements.
  • Choosing adequate coverage: Ensure your insurance policy provides sufficient coverage to replace lost or damaged items, taking into account their value and any potential risks.

Investing in insurance and coverage options for your stored belongings provides financial security and further peace of mind.


Protecting your valuables while stored in a self-storage unit involves multiple steps: selecting the appropriate unit and location, investing in quality locks and security measures, implementing proper packaging and storage methods, considering climate control for sensitive items, and obtaining adequate insurance coverage. By taking these essential precautions, you can ensure the safety and preservation of your stored belongings at Gatekeeper Storage in Oklahoma City and Edmond. Trust Gatekeeper Storage with your possessions, knowing that their clean, secure, and affordable self-storage units, coupled with your proactive safety measures, provide exceptional and affordable storage units in Oklahoma.

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Achieve a Clutter-Free Home and Simplify Your Life with Gatekeeper Self Storage

decluttering home

Decluttering your home is more than just an organizational triumph; it can also significantly impact your mental and emotional well-being. A clutter-free environment has been linked to reduced stress, increased productivity, and an overall sense of tranquility and happiness. However, many homeowners struggle with achieving and maintaining an uncluttered living space. Additionally, letting go of sentimental possessions or finding suitable storage solutions can be a daunting task. Thankfully, self-storage units can provide the ideal balance between decluttering your home and safely storing valuable items that you don’t want to part with.

Gatekeeper Self Storage, with convenient locations in Oklahoma City and Edmond, offers clean, secure, and affordable self-storage options to help homeowners achieve a clutter-free home and a more stress-free life. In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into the tangible benefits of decluttering, practical tips for conquering your home organization, and how to efficiently use self-storage units in your decluttering journey.

Learn how to create a clutter-free oasis within your own home, achieving a sense of peace and balance that extends beyond simple organization and into a more harmonious and fulfilling daily life. Whether you’re seeking ways to manage seasonal items, safely store sentimental or valuable belongings, or simply need more storage space for your growing family, Gatekeeper Self Storage is here to provide the perfect self-storage solutions tailored to your needs.

1. The Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

Achieving a clutter-free home can have numerous positive impacts on your daily life. While it’s easy to focus on the physical advantages of an organized home, the mental and emotional benefits are also worth noting. Here are a few key reasons why decluttering is essential for overall well-being:

– Reduced Stress and Anxiety: Clutter can be overwhelming and contribute to increased stress levels. A clean, organized environment can help alleviate stress and promote feelings of peace and tranquility.

– Improved Focus and Productivity: Without unnecessary distractions, people typically find it easier to concentrate and be more productive. A decluttered space contributes to a streamlined workflow, freeing up time for other activities and priorities.

– Enhanced Time Management: When belongings are well-organized, you can locate what you need easily and quickly. This results in significant time savings, as you won’t be spending precious minutes searching for lost items.

By decluttering your home, you are investing not only in a neat living space but also in your mental and emotional well-being.

2. Tackling Home Organization

Developing an effective home decluttering plan can be accomplished by breaking the task into smaller, manageable steps. Rather than tackling your entire home at once, focus on specific areas or rooms. Here are some practical tips for conquering your home organization:

– Sort Belongings into Categories: As you navigate your home, arrange your items into three groups: keep, donate, and discard. This helps streamline the process and ensures you only hold onto items that are necessary or bring joy to your life.

– Follow an Effective Method: Numerous proven methods can guide your home organization journey. Techniques such as Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method or the “one-in-one-out” rule can provide a structured approach to decluttering and maintaining a clutter-free environment.

– Work in Manageable Increments: Dedicate specific time intervals to work on decluttering. Breaking the process into digestible sessions can prevent burnout and ensure you’re making steady progress.

By creating a decluttering plan and consistently working through your tasks, you can achieve a more organized and harmonious home space.

3. Sentimental Items and Self-Storage

One notable challenge when decluttering is the decision to keep or dispose of sentimental items. While it’s essential to reduce clutter, it’s also crucial to preserve cherished memories and belongings. Self-storage solutions can provide the perfect balance:

– Separate the Necessary from the Sentimental: Keep an inventory of your items and categorize them based on their function and emotional value. With a clear understanding of the items’ purpose, you can make informed decisions about what to store in your self-storage unit.

– Embrace Self-Storage Benefits: Utilizing a self-storage unit, like those provided by Gatekeeper Self Storage, allows you to safely store sentimental or valuable items without compromising the cleanliness and organization of your home. You can maintain a clutter-free environment while remaining connected to your treasured belongings.

By committing to a self-storage solution, you can preserve your sentimental items without sacrificing the tranquility of your living space.

4. Seasonal Item Strategy

Seasonal items, such as clothing, holiday decorations, or sporting equipment, can cause clutter in your home when not in use. Employing a seasonal item strategy can help keep your space organized year-round:

– Invest in Self-Storage: Consider housing seasonal items in a self-storage unit during the offseason. By removing these items from your home, you’ll enjoy a more streamlined environment.

– Rotate Items Seasonally: As seasons change, visit your self-storage unit to rotate your belongings. This keeps your home functional and organized, ensuring only seasonally appropriate items are on hand.

A self-storage solution, such as those offered by Gatekeeper Self Storage, is an excellent way to manage seasonal items and preserve the cleanliness of your living space.


Decluttering your home is not only a practical endeavor but also one that can profoundly impact your mental and emotional well-being. By embracing proven organizational techniques, self-storage solutions, and seasonal item strategies, you can create a streamlined, peaceful environment in your home.

Gatekeeper Self Storage, with locations in Oklahoma City and Edmond, is your ideal partner for achieving a clutter-free home. We offer clean, secure, and affordable self-storage units tailored to your unique needs, whether for sentimental items, seasonal necessities, or simple decluttering assistance. Contact Gatekeeper Self Storage today to explore our storage solutions and begin your journey to a more harmonious and fulfilling daily life.

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Optimize Your Business Space with Gatekeeper Self Storage

storage unit

Businesses of all sizes continually seek ways to maximize efficiency, organization, and productivity, with spatial optimization being a critical factor. As inventory, equipment, and document requirements grow, finding additional storage solutions becomes essential. Gatekeeper Self Storage, offering clean, secure, and affordable self-storage units in Oklahoma City and Edmond, can be the perfect answer for businesses in need of extra space. With a range of unit sizes and convenient features, Gatekeeper Self Storage provides businesses with cost-effective and flexible options tailored to their unique storage needs.

In this blog post, we will explore the various ways in which Gatekeeper Self Storage can benefit your business, including saving office space, improving organization, expanding inventory management capabilities, and ensuring secure storage for vital documents and records. Additionally, we will highlight the flexibility and adaptability that Gatekeeper Self Storage offers to accommodate your company’s evolving storage requirements.

1. Save Valuable Office Space

Optimizing available office space is crucial for businesses of all sizes, as it directly impacts productivity and work efficiency. With Gatekeeper Self Storage, businesses can offload their nonessential items—freeing up the workspace and fostering a more focused and productive environment. Here’s how utilizing self-storage units can save valuable office space:

– Store infrequently used equipment: Instead of occupying office or warehouse space with items that are not used daily, store them securely in a self-storage unit until needed.

– Declutter the workspace: Reduce the clutter in your office by storing items such as seasonal decorations, excess furniture, or promotional materials in a storage unit, preventing them from taking up valuable space.

– Create room for expansion: As your business grows and needs to accommodate new staff members, a self-storage unit allows you to store extra equipment or furniture temporarily, easing the transition.

Using Gatekeeper Self Storage to store nonessential items is an efficient way to save office space and enhance overall office productivity.

2. Improve Organization and Efficiency

Staying organized is essential for businesses to remain efficient and agile. By using self-storage units at Gatekeeper Self Storage, companies can improve their organization to streamline day-to-day operations. Here are some techniques to effectively organize and categorize stored items:

– Label boxes and containers: Clearly label all stored items to quickly locate and retrieve them when needed.

– Implement a systematic approach: Develop a logical and consistent storage system, such as organizing items by type or storage frequency, to simplify item retrieval.

– Utilize storage equipment: Employ shelving or storage racks to maximize space and maintain a neat and organized unit.

Effectively organizing and categorizing your stored items at Gatekeeper Self Storage will help save time and reduce stress while carrying out daily business tasks.

3. Expand Inventory Management Capabilities

For businesses in retail or e-commerce, managing inventory can be a critical factor in their success. Gatekeeper Self Storage provides an ideal solution to accommodate your growing inventory, keeping it organized and easily accessible. Here’s how self-storage can facilitate inventory management:

– Stock season-specific items: Use the additional space to store inventory required for season-specific promotions, allowing for easy accessibility and rotation.

– Temporary storage during reorganization: If your business is undergoing a reorganization or renovation of its warehouse or storage facilities, utilize a self-storage unit as a temporary location for inventory during the process.

– Accessible storage for growing businesses: As your inventory expands, self-storage units offer a flexible and convenient way to store extra stock without compromising accessibility.

By utilizing self-storage for inventory management, businesses can stay agile, organized, and prepared for any changes in market demand.

4. Secure Storage for Vital Business Documents and Records

Ensuring the safekeeping of essential business documents and records is of the utmost importance. Gatekeeper Self Storage offers a secure solution for storing these sensitive materials in a protected environment. Businesses can benefit from the following features at Gatekeeper Self Storage:

– State-of-the-art security: Gatekeeper Self Storage facilities incorporate advanced security measures, such as surveillance cameras and gated access, providing businesses with peace of mind regarding the safety of their stored documents.

– Climate-controlled units: To protect sensitive materials from damage due to temperature fluctuations and humidity, climate-controlled units are available to preserve your business records in optimal conditions.

– Organize and archive: With a dedicated storage unit for documents and records, businesses can create a systematic and organized archiving process, simplifying future access and preservation.

By entrusting sensitive documents in Gatekeeper Self Storage’s secure environment, businesses can ensure the safekeeping of their vital records with confidence.

5. The Flexibility and Adaptability of Gatekeeper Self Storage for Businesses

Gatekeeper Self Storage understands that businesses require flexible and adaptable storage solutions to meet their ever-evolving needs. Our offerings cater to businesses of all sizes and industries, providing a range of options tailored to your company’s unique storage requirements:

– Variety of storage unit sizes: Gatekeeper Self Storage offers storage units in an array of sizes, ensuring a solution that perfectly fits the storage needs of any business.

– Flexible rental agreements: Rent storage units on a month-to-month basis, allowing businesses to scale their storage solutions in response to fluctuating demands.

– Convenient access: Gatekeeper Self Storage facilities grant customers extended hours of access, ensuring businesses can retrieve stored items when needed.

To accommodate the changing storage requirements of businesses, Gatekeeper Self Storage offers flexibility, convenience, and adaptability, making them the preferred storage solution for Oklahoma City and Edmond companies.


Gatekeeper Self Storage is the optimal solution for businesses looking to maximize work efficiency, organization, and productivity. By saving valuable office space, improving organization, expanding inventory management capabilities, and providing secure storage for vital documents and records, companies can reap the benefits of clean, secure, and affordable self-storage units in Oklahoma City and Edmond. Choose Gatekeeper Self Storage for a flexible and adaptable self-storage solution that evolves with your business, empowering it to reach its full potential.

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Self-Storage Solutions for Business Owners to Boost Productivity


In today’s fast-paced business environment, successful entrepreneurs understand the importance of streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency. One critical aspect of maintaining an efficient workplace is ensuring it remains organized, clutter-free, and equipped for peak productivity.

This is where self-storage solutions come in – as an effective and affordable means to declutter your workspace and securely store valuable equipment, inventory, or documents. At Gatekeeper Storage, we provide top-quality, secure storage units in Oklahoma City and Edmond, tailored to meet the needs of businesses both large and small.

In this in-depth blog post, we will explore the practical applications of self-storage solutions for business owners, and the ways in which these units can revolutionize your workspace and boost productivity. Expect insights on utilizing storage units for inventory management, easy document storage, secure storage solutions for seasonal items, workplace tools, and even vehicle storage options.

Whether you own a small online retail store, a boutique brick-and-mortar establishment, or simply require additional storage for your growing enterprise, Gatekeeper Storage is proud to be your prime self-storage partner in OKC and Edmond. By investing in secure, clean, and convenient storage spaces for your business needs, you can focus on creating a more productive, efficient, and organized working environment.

Inventory Management Made Simple

  • Storing excess inventory in self-storage units
  • racking and organizing inventory within a storage unit

Document Storage Solutions

  • Properly storing important business records and archival files
  • Maintaining easy access to crucial documents

Seasonal Item Storage

  • Storage solutions for seasonal decorations, promotional materials, and more
  • Streamlining your workspace by rotating seasonal items

Storing Tools, Equipment, and Supplies

  • Using self-storage units to keep essential workplace tools and equipment secure
  • Organizing your storage unit for easy access to frequently-used items

Vehicle Storage Options

  • Secure storage solutions for company vehicles, boats, and trailers
  • Choosing the right storage unit size for your vehicles

Tailored Storage for Your Business Needs

  • Customizable storage solutions to suit your unique business
  • Climate-controlled units and other desirable storage features

Security and Peace of Mind

  • The importance of secure storage solutions for business assets
  • Gatekeeper Storage’s dedication to providing reliable and safe storage units

Inventory Management Made Simple

Storing excess merchandise or inventory in a self-storage unit is an excellent way to declutter your business workspace while maintaining quick access to items you might need. Here are some tips to manage your inventory within a storage unit effectively:

  • Organize by Category: When storing inventory, it’s essential to separate items by category, so they’re easier to locate when needed. Consider utilizing sturdy shelves to keep categories separated and create a clear system for quick access.
  • Keep Records: Maintain accurate records of your stored inventory, including the item type, quantity, location within the storage unit, and any other relevant information. This enhances efficiency and trackability, saving time, and effort when retrieving items.

By managing your inventory within a self-storage unit, your business workspace remains clutter-free, allowing you to focus on daily operations and customer service.

Document Storage Solutions

Efficient and secure document storage is vital to any business, whether it’s for tax records, employee files, or other important paperwork. Self-storage units can provide a convenient and safe solution for document storage. Here are some pointers:

  • Proper Storage: When storing paper documents, it’s crucial to protect them from possible damage caused by moisture or pests. Use plastic storage bins with tight-sealing lids to safeguard your documents and store them in a climate-controlled unit to maintain a stable temperature and humidity level.
  • Maintain an Index: Keep an organized index of stored documents, containing information such as the document type, storage location, and any applicable retention dates. This will streamline the retrieval process and ensure compliance with various record retention policies.

Storing your documents in a self-storage unit can result in a more organized and efficient work environment, sparing your business from the perils of a cluttered office.

Seasonal Item Storage

Many businesses utilize seasonal items like holiday decorations, promotional materials, or weather-specific work equipment. Storing these items in a self-storage unit when not in use can free up valuable workspace and maintain a tidy, streamlined environment. Consider these tips for managing seasonal storage:

  • Designate Dedicated Storage Space: Within your self-storage unit, assign a specific area for seasonal items. This simplified system allows you to retrieve these items when needed promptly.
  • Schedule Rotations: Plan periodic rotations for seasonal items and include it in your regular business operations calendar. By keeping a consistent schedule for seasonal item storage, your workflow remains organized and efficient.

Taking advantage of self-storage solutions for seasonal items can lead to increased productivity and a well-functioning business environment.

Storing Tools, Equipment, and Supplies

In addition to inventory and documents, businesses often require various tools, equipment, or supplies to stay operational. For businesses with limited workspace, self-storage units can serve as a secure and spacious solution to store these essentials. Consider these practices when storing tools and equipment:

  • Prioritize Accessibility: Store any frequently-used items near the front of your unit to allow quick access without navigating through stored belongings.
  • Organize Logically: Create an intuitive organization system, taking into account the size, weight, and frequency of use when arranging tools and equipment. Utilize sturdy and properly-labeled storage containers for maximum efficiency.

By organizing and storing your essential business tools and equipment in a self-storage unit, you can work more effectively in an uncluttered, efficient workspace.


Self-storage solutions offer a variety of practical applications to help business owners keep their workspaces organized, decluttered, and optimized for productivity. From inventory management to document storage, seasonal item storage, and tools or equipment organization, Gatekeeper Storage provides clean, secure, and affordable storage solutions tailored to your unique business needs in Oklahoma City and Edmond.

Investing in a self-storage unit for your business not only guarantees a more organized workspace but also frees up valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on growth and success. Contact Gatekeeper Storage today to discuss your business’s storage needs and discover how our exceptional facilities and customer service can be an integral part of your business strategy! Call us for self-storage Oklahoma City

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How to Prepare Your Items for Long-Term Storage at Gatekeeper Self Storage

wine storage

Long-term storage provides an effective solution for keeping your belongings safe and secure over extensive periods. Whether you’re traveling long-term, downsizing, or preserving keepsakes, you have to ensure your items are correctly prepared for storage to maintain their condition and longevity. Improper packing and preparation may lead to damage or deterioration over time. At Gatekeeper Self Storage in Oklahoma City and Edmond, we not only offer clean, safe, and affordable self-storage units but also recommend practices on how to prepare your items, helping you preserve their value.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the fundamental aspects that you need to consider when preparing your belongings for long-term storage. These include a variety of topics, such as proper cleaning and packaging, organizing your storage unit, to determining whether climate-controlled storage is necessary for your items. We also offer insightful tips on specialized preparation methods for different types of belongings, from antiques and electronics to clothing and documents.

1. General Cleaning and Packaging Guidelines

Before placing your items in long-term storage, it’s essential to thoroughly clean them to prevent dust, dirt, and grime from damaging their surfaces. Follow these general cleaning and packaging guidelines as part of your preparation process:

  • For furniture, electronics, and household items, use a gentle cleaning solution and a soft cloth to remove dirt and dust.
  • Launder and dry clothing, bedding, and other fabrics according to manufacturer instructions. Ensure they are completely dry before packing to avoid mold or mildew growth.
  • Select the appropriate packing materials to protect your belongings during storage. Sturdy, high-quality boxes and containers, as well as packing materials like bubble wrap, packing paper, and foam peanuts, are essential for safeguarding fragile or delicate items.
  • Properly label each container with a detailed description of its contents and any necessary handling instructions, such as “fragile” or “this side up.”

Following these guidelines will help ensure the long-lasting preservation of your items during storage.

2. Organizing Your Storage Unit

When preparing your items for long-term storage, thoughtful organization within your storage unit can save time, reduce the risk of damage, and increase accessibility. Implement these organizational strategies for a well-ordered, efficient storage unit:

  • Plan your storage layout by measuring your unit and arranging your items in a way that maximizes the use of available space. Allow ample clearance between items for easy access and ensure that you can reach all items without moving multiple containers or furniture.
  • Group similar items together and position frequently accessed belongings near the front of the unit for easy retrieval.
  • Label your boxes and containers clearly, and consider creating a map or inventory list to quickly locate specific items without rummaging through multiple boxes.

By implementing an organized storage approach, you can simplify the process of accessing and managing your belongings, ensuring a seamless long-term storage experience.

3. Preparing Different Types of Items for Long-Term Storage

Certain items may require specific preparation methods to protect them during long-term storage. Follow these recommendations to ensure the optimal preservation of various types of belongings:

  • Furniture: Disassemble larger pieces, if possible, to save space, and wrap each component securely in furniture blankets or padded moving blankets. Place plastic sheeting on the floor of your storage unit before placing your furniture to prevent damage from moisture.
  • Electronics: Remove any batteries to avoid leakage or corrosion and store the batteries separately. Wrap electronics in anti-static packing materials to protect them from damage caused by static electricity.
  • Clothing: Store clothing in airtight plastic storage bins, and add silica gel packets or other moisture-absorbing materials to maintain a dry environment.
  • Documents: Store important documents and photographs in waterproof, airtight containers, and separate them with acid-free dividers to prevent discoloration or fading.

By following these specialized preparation methods, you can help preserve and protect your belongings during their time in storage.

4. Importance of Climate-Controlled Storage

For some items, a climate-controlled storage unit that maintains consistent temperature and humidity levels is essential for protection against damage caused by fluctuating conditions. Several belongings particularly benefit from climate-controlled storage, including:

  • Antiques and collectibles
  • Leather or wooden furniture
  • Artwork or photographs
  • Sensitive electronics
  • Rare books or documents

Climate-controlled storage units provide the reassurance that your valuable or fragile items will remain in the best possible condition, even during long-term storage. Gatekeeper Self Storage offers climate-controlled units in various sizes that accommodate a wide range of storage needs.


Preparing your items for long-term storage can be a daunting task, but with the right approach and resources, you can ensure the preservation and protection of your belongings. Follow these expert tips on cleaning, packaging, organizing, and specialized preparation methods to maintain the conditions of your items, whether in a climate-controlled storage unit or a traditional unit.

Gatekeeper Self Storage is dedicated to providing clean, secure, and affordable self storage solutions, catering to various needs. Our units are designed to protect your belongings from environmental factors and with 24/7 recorded video surveillance and controlled-access gates, you can enjoy peace of mind about the security of your items. Trust that the process of preparing your belongings for long-term storage can be made less overwhelming with Gatekeeper Self Storage, ensuring that your cherished goods are preserved and ready for future use. Contact us today to reserve the perfect storage unit!

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Self-Storage and Inventory Management Tips for Small Business Owners

man doing inventory

As a small business owner, staying organized and efficiently managing your inventory is crucial for the overall success of your venture. Maintaining an organized and accessible storage system can directly impact profitability, productivity, and customer satisfaction by minimizing the risk of misplaced items, reducing search time, and ensuring optimal stock levels. With the right self-storage solutions, small business owners can streamline their inventory management processes, freeing up valuable space and time to focus on other essential aspects of running their businesses. Gatekeeper Self Storage in Oklahoma City and Edmond offers clean, secure, and affordable self-storage units that can be customized to meet the unique storage needs of small businesses, providing a cost-effective and flexible alternative to overcrowded offices, warehouses, or retail spaces.

In this informative article, we will provide valuable self-storage tips and solutions to help small business owners optimize their inventory management and organization practices. We will explore topics such as selecting the appropriate self-storage unit size, organizing your inventory for optimal efficiency, implementing inventory control systems, and leveraging technology to streamline your storage process. With these practical tips and tools, you can reap the benefits of a well-organized self-storage solution that supports the growth and success of your small business.

1. Choosing the Right Self-Storage Unit Size for Your Business

As a small business owner, determining the appropriate self-storage unit size is essential to ensuring that you have adequate space for your inventory. To make the best decision, assess your current stock, accounting for any future storage needs that may arise as your business expands or evolves. Consider factors such as the dimensions of your items, the total number of stock units, and the potential for growth when determining the ideal unit size. Gatekeeper Self Storage offers various unit sizes, ranging from small to large, providing options to accommodate the unique storage demands of different businesses.

To further optimize your storage space, consider incorporating a scalable storage system that allows you to add or remove elements as needed. This flexibility ensures that your storage solution remains relevant and effective as your business experiences fluctuations in inventory levels.

2. Organizing Your Inventory for Optimal Efficiency

Maintaining an organized storage system within your self-storage unit is vital for simplifying inventory management and saving time spent searching for items. Follow these tips to create a well-organized and efficient storage space:

– Develop a storage layout plan that designates specific areas for different product categories or item types. This will simplify locating and retrieving items when needed.

– Label boxes or containers with clear descriptions of their contents, making it easy to identify and locate inventory at a glance.

– Utilize shelving units and other vertical storage options to maximize available space while also ensuring easy access to items.

– Keep high-demand items closer to the entrance of your storage unit for quicker retrieval.

– Regularly review and update your inventory organization system, addressing any inefficiencies or room for improvement.

By maintaining a well-organized and efficient storage system, you can minimize the time and effort spent on inventory management tasks, providing more resources to invest in growing your business.

3. Implementing Inventory Control Systems

Effective inventory control is critical for small businesses, as mismanaged stock can lead to lost sales, dissatisfied customers, and wasted resources. By implementing a robust inventory control system within your self-storage unit, you can better manage your stock levels, ensuring that you have the right amount of inventory at the right time. Consider the following inventory control strategies and techniques:

– First In, First Out (FIFO): This system organizes your inventory so that the oldest items are always the first to be sold. This method is particularly useful for perishable or time-sensitive products, as it helps minimize spoilage or obsolescence.

– Regular Inventory Audits: Conducting frequent inventory checks enables you to identify and address discrepancies between your physical stock and your records, thereby improving overall inventory accuracy.

– Reorder Points: Establishing reorder points allows you to maintain optimal stock levels and prevent stockouts or overstocking. Set a threshold for each item in your inventory; once stock levels reach this point, initiate a new order to replenish your stock before running out.

By incorporating an effective inventory control system, you can streamline your storage process, minimize waste, and enhance customer satisfaction.

4. Utilizing Technology for Streamlined Inventory Management

In today’s digital age, technology plays a critical role in streamlining and optimizing inventory management. Leveraging inventory management software and apps can simplify tasks, improve accuracy, and provide valuable insights into your storage and stock control practices. Some popular inventory management tools include:

– Cloud-Based Software Solutions: These applications enable you to manage your inventory from any location on any device, promoting seamless communication and up-to-date stock data.

– Barcode Scanning and Tracking Systems: Using barcode scanners can expedite the process of updating inventory records, reducing human error and increasing efficiency.

– Reporting and Analytics: Inventory management tools often include built-in reporting and analytics features, providing valuable insights into stock trends, sales patterns, and potential areas for improvement.

By integrating technology into your storage and inventory management processes, you can achieve greater efficiency, improved accuracy, and more informed decision-making to support your business’s growth.


Small business owners face unique challenges in inventory management and organization. By choosing the right self-storage unit size, maintaining an organized storage space, implementing inventory control systems, and leveraging technology to streamline operations, you can optimize your inventory management practices and better serve your customers. Gatekeeper Self Storage in Oklahoma City and Edmond is committed to providing clean, secure, and affordable self-storage solutions tailored to the specific needs of small businesses.

Gatekeeper Self Storage is committed to providing tailored self-storage solutions that cater to a wide range of customer needs. Our knowledgeable staff, excellent customer service, and state-of-the-art security features create a secure and comfortable environment for your business’s valuable inventory. Trust us for your business inventory storage needs and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your valuable stock is in safe hands. Contact us today to learn more about our services and reserve affordable storage units in Oklahoma City for your small business.

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Self-Storage for Life’s Transitions: Gatekeeper Storage in OKC and Edmond Provides Support and Convenience


Life is full of transitions, both planned and unexpected, which can often be accompanied by stress and uncertainty. Self-storage can provide a practical and affordable solution to help ease the challenges of life’s transitions, offering flexibility, security, and convenience. Gatekeeper Storage in Oklahoma City and Edmond offers clean, secure, and affordable self-storage units designed to support individuals and families as they navigate change. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various ways self-storage can help ease life’s transitions, providing valuable support and peace of mind.

1. Moving to a New Home

Simplify Your Move:

Utilize self-storage to store your belongings during the moving process, allowing for a more organized and stress-free experience.

Temporary Storage:

Store your belongings in a self-storage unit during the transition to your new home, providing a secure and accessible solution while you settle in.

Flexible Storage Solutions:

As your needs evolve during your move, easily adjust your storage requirements by upgrading or downsizing your self-storage unit.

2. Downsizing

Optimize Your Living Space:

Utilize self-storage to store excess belongings, creating a more organized and comfortable living environment in your downsized home.

Store Valued Possessions:

Ensure your valued possessions are protected with the security features provided by Gatekeeper Storage, including gated access and video surveillance.

Access Your Stored Items:

Easily access your stored belongings with the convenient hours offered by Gatekeeper Storage, allowing you to retrieve items as needed.

3. Marriage or Cohabitation

Merge Households with Ease:

Utilize self-storage to store duplicate items or excess belongings as you combine households, ensuring a smooth and organized transition.

Flexible Storage Options:

As your storage needs change, easily adjust your storage requirements by upgrading or downsizing your self-storage unit.

Access Your Stored Belongings:

Easily access your stored belongings with the convenient hours offered by Gatekeeper Storage, ensuring you can retrieve items as needed.

4. Divorce or Separation

Simplify Your Transition:

Utilize self-storage to store your belongings during the process of divorce or separation, providing a secure and accessible solution during a challenging time.

Temporary Storage:

Store your belongings in a self-storage unit as you transition to a new living arrangement, providing a secure and accessible solution while you establish your new home.

Flexible Lease Terms:

Take advantage of month-to-month lease options, providing the flexibility to utilize storage only for the duration of your transition.

5. Retirement

Optimize Your Living Space:

Utilize self-storage to store excess belongings, creating a more organized and comfortable living environment during your retirement.

Secure Storage for Valuable Items:

Ensure your valuable possessions are protected with the security features provided by Gatekeeper Storage, including gated access and video surveillance.

Access Your Stored Items:

Easily access your stored belongings with the convenient hours offered by Gatekeeper Storage, allowing you to retrieve items as needed.


Self-storage can provide valuable support during life’s transitions, offering flexibility, security, and convenience to help individuals and families navigate change with ease. Gatekeeper Storage in Oklahoma City and Edmond offers a wide range of clean, secure, and affordable storage solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of those experiencing life transitions. With flexible storage options, convenient access, and top-notch security features, self-storage can be a valuable asset in easing the challenges of life’s transitions and providing peace of mind during times of change.

Are you navigating a life transition and in need of a clean, secure, and affordable self-storage solution? Gatekeeper Storage in Oklahoma City and Edmond offers a wide range of storage unit sizes and features designed to cater to your specific needs. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to assist you in selecting the ideal storage solution and providing expert advice for maximizing your storage experience. Contact us today to learn more about our self storage in Oklahoma City and reserve your unit.

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