Coming soon to the north council location

Dear Clients and Friends:

We are delighted to report that we have finished construction of our new addition. It consists of 36,905 square feet, of which 9,925 is climate controlled.

We are particularly excited about our new, larger units for RVs, boats and other larger needs.

Specifically, we have

17 units which are 12′ x 40′;

12 units which are 12′ x 30′;

14 units which are 10′ x 30′, and

10 units which are 12′ x 20′.

The 12′ x 40′ units have an extra large 45 foot driveway to make parking your RV, boat or vehicle very easy.

We also have a number of new, large climate controlled units

So, give Jeff Coomer a call at the office, 405-721-3818 to make arrangements to select your new, large unit.