Gatekeeper Storage, with its wide experience, excellent customer service, and its Storage Units Oklahoma City, is the best option you have to store your most precious objects. Always available, in the most convenient location, and with the capacity you require, our Storage Units OKC guarantee the greatest protection and the most reliable storage conditions for your belongings. Call today to lease or reserve a clean, ready to rent unit!

Ever Affordable Storage Units Oklahoma City

Thanks to our privileged locations, we can provide a quick response to your storage requirements. For that, we count on Storage Units Oklahoma City, the best in the market. Our Storage Units OKC are clean, safe, adapted to your needs, climate-controlled, and always available. Located in strategic points of Oklahoma, you will always have available our Storage Units Oklahoma City, for the adequate protection of your possessions. In addition, you will have the attention and professional advice that you require, so that you can make the best decision on the type and size of the storage unit suited to your requirements. We guarantee that having our Storage Units in Oklahoma City is the best investment for your precious objects.


Why Choose Gatekeeper Storage Units OKC?

The answer is simple. We understand and attend to your needs, which also become our needs. With adequate facilities, world-class storage units, excellent service, and supervision available 24 hours a day, our priority is the satisfaction of our customers. That’s what we work for. Aware of the importance of taking care of your most precious objects, at Gatekeeper Storage we have the best human talent to provide support when you require the services of a company like ours, with its Storage Units Oklahoma City. Satisfying the needs of our customers above their expectations is our specialty! We can guarantee our services because we are a family group of professionals, who provide you with the best-personalized attention, you deserve. Our priority is your satisfaction, what you will get for the professional service that you will receive, thanks to our careful attention and our Storage Units Oklahoma City, clean and available for you, which guarantee the adequate protection and maintenance of your possessions, providing the ideal storage conditions.

What we offer

Storage Units Oklahoma City

Storage Units Oklahoma City

At Gatekeeper Storage we offer you, in addition to experience and professionalism, the best service, guaranteed by our human talent and the availability of the best Storage Units in Oklahoma City, for the moment when you need to protect your most precious objects. All with the best price/benefit ratio of the market. We guarantee you:
  • Immediate availability of suitable Storage Units in Oklahoma City, clean and suitable to cover your requirements.
  • The security of your goods stored under our custody.
  • The best professional advice, so that you can carry out the ideal selection of one of our Storage Units Oklahoma City, of the appropriate size and type, as well as change and packaging supplies.
  • The safest storage option, at a professional level, is available at your location.
  • Personalized attention, provided by a family business, for which the client is someone special.
For all this and more, Gatekeeper has become the leader in the self-storage sector in Oklahoma City.

Large climate controlled Storage Units OKC are available today, so give Gatekeeper a call: 405-721-3818

Our Secure Self Storage Units Oklahoma City

There are innumerable advantages of having one of our Storage Units Oklahoma City for the protection of your possessions, along with the attention and professional advice that we provide. For example:
  • Access your belongings, 365 days a year, accompanied by excellent customer service.
  • Availability of our Climate Controlled Storage Units OKC.
  • Select from a wide variety of sizes of Storage Units Oklahoma City, ideal to cover your requirements.
And as we understand your needs, for your greatest convenience, we put at your disposal our truck of change for free!

Affordable Storage Units Oklahoma City

One of the biggest advantages we offer our customers is the availability of a wide variety of sizes of our Storage Units Oklahoma City. In this way, we can practically cover any requirement you have. Then, you will be able to store, among other options, boats, bicycles, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, of collection, or objects of considerable size. All are protected under appropriate conditions. Additionally, we provide our climate-controlled Storage Units OKC for the care of your delicate items. If you need it, you also have the storage units OKC available with temperature control. For example, we offer this features:
  • Storage units from 5’x 5′ to 12′ x 40′ size
  • Large and small air-conditioned storage units, the ideal size for your requirements.
  • Availability, in Gatekeeper Storage, of all change and packaging supplies.

Professional Customer Care Professional Support to Customer

Storage Units OKCAs a family business, at Gatekeeper Storage, we privilege customer service and provide you with personalized and professional attention, with a team of experts in storage, which is always available for support. Thanks to our service advisors, you will always have the best option so that you can select among our Storage Units Oklahoma City, the ideal one for your requirements. Always clean and safe, these storage units will be available to protect your possessions from damages that may be suffered by the step of the time, or by extreme weather conditions. Protecting them even from malicious third parties that can access them. But don’t worry, Gatekeeper Storage professionals, through our Storage Units Oklahoma City, take care of your belongings. Among other advantages you will have:
  • The support of friendly and trained store managers to meet your requirements professionally.
  • The most modern facilities, with state-of-the-art technology, to satisfy your needs.
  • Storage experts who will analyze your needs and provide you with advice, so you can make the best decision.

Safe, Secure, and Friendly Service

At Gatekeeper Storage, we value customer care and security, as one of the key factors for the proper protection of your belongings. That’s why we count on the best human talent, which, in addition to forming a solid family group, has high levels of professionalism. In this way, we offer you the best service, in a friendly way and with the responsibility that characterizes us. In addition, we manage the best tip technology. We have in our door installations with electronically coded locks, a fully functional fire safety system, in addition to a complete fence, so that your valuables are maintained at the appropriate security levels.

How to choose the best self-storage units Oklahoma City?

There are several factors that you should take into account when deciding which is the best option to select the storage unit suitable for your requirements. Among these we can mention:


Storage Units Oklahoma CityUnforeseen events can always occur. For this reason, being able to access your belongings, at any time and day, is very important. Therefore, you must ensure that the selected company gives you access to the storage units, 24 hours a day, regardless of the day that it is.


The decision of which is the storage unit that suits you must have as a priority to solve a space problem. Therefore, the availability of the exact type of storage unit that you require should always be a solution for you and not a problem.


If you decided to rent a storage unit, it is because you value your precious objects. In this sense, they must be properly stored and protected. For this reason, tip technology and safe installations are vital.


Location is another factor you should consider when selecting your storage unit. The displacements to access your belongings can be continuous. Therefore, you must choose a nearby place, which will spare you time and fuel.


By all means, the price is one of the decisive factors in this decision-making. Always look for the best cost/benefit ratio. But remember that you should not risk your important belongings, so it is worth making an appropriate investment. However, this is a topic where the best is supported by experts, such as those from Gatekeeper Storage. In addition, it is recommended to count on the best facilities such as Storage Units Oklahoma City.

FAQs about our Self-Storage Units Oklahoma City

Do you offer a Move-in Truck Service?

Yes. Our company always looks for the comfort of its customers and puts them at the disposal of these, without charges, a moving truck.

Should I choose the climate-controlled storage units OCK or the standard ones?

In this case, everything depends on your requirements, related to the objects you wish to store.

Can I sleep in a storage unit?

In addition to not being recommended, it is not allowed by the regulations for the use of storage units.

Can I live in a storage unit?

It’s not allowed. This goes against the regulations for the use of storage units.