What Are 5 Helpful Ways to Combat the Moving Day Stress?

Whether you’ve finally got the keys to your new home or apartment, moving to a new place can be exciting. This new life chapter lets you gain more independence, start fresh, and explore new landscapes. It’s also the best time to try new things, greet new neighbors, and grow academically or professionally. 

While this new endeavor can be exciting, some may consider moving days stressful. This situation is incredibly relatable for first-time movers and those juggling daily pressures and commitments. Fortunately, you can combat this feeling. 

From finding a local public self-storage to hiring a reliable moving company, this article will teach you how to combat the moving day blues. 

1. Handle Things One Room at a Time

While multitasking can be tempting, it’s not always the best way to get things done. Moving to another place requires handling things one room at a time. Start with one room, finish packing it, and move on to the next. This good habit will help you stay organized and avoid feeling overwhelmed. It’s also an excellent way to track your belongings and ensure you don’t leave anything behind. 

When packing one room, you must label the boxes clearly. Write the box’s contents and the room it belongs to; if it’s fragile, mark it as such. Labeling your boxes will help you or the moving company unpack and locate things in your new home more efficiently. It’s also a simple but effective way to stay organized when moving.

2. Love Labeling Your Things

Labeling your things may seem simple, but it can benefit you when moving out of your old living space. This good habit can help you stay organized and track your belongings. It can help you save time when unpacking everything in your new home. 

You can make labeling easier by using a color-coding system. Assign a color to each room and use that color to label the boxes. For example, use blue for the bedroom and green for the kitchen.

3. Invest in Off-Site Storage 

When moving to a smaller home or apartment, you may not have enough space for all your belongings. Fortunately, off-site and public self-storage facilities can safely and securely store your belongings. Here, you can immediately keep unneeded things like furniture and seasonal items. 

It can also help you during the moving process because you can store them in the unit before the big day, letting you work with more space. Moreover, it can help you stay organized and reduce stress. That way, you can easily retrieve the items from the storage unit once you move everything to your new home. 

4. Take Breaks 

Moving day can be overwhelming for anyone, and occasionally resting is okay. Momentarily pausing can help you recharge and stay energized throughout the day. When taking breaks, you must eat and drink lots of water to stay focused and hydrated. If you feel overwhelmed, close your eyes and breathe deeply. It can help help you relax and reduce stress. 

5. Find the Best Moving Company 

Homeowners assume that doing all the heavy lifting alone can help them save money and time. Unfortunately, that’s untrue because moving can be physically demanding, and doing it alone can be challenging and stressful. Hiring a professional moving company can spare you from doing this tiring chore. 

When choosing a moving company, always take the time to research. Find those with good reviews and ratings. You should also ask for recommendations from friends and family. Moreover, get and compare quotes from several organizations and inquire about their insurance policies and guarantees.


Moving day can be stressful, but you can do something about it. You can combat stress during this challenging time by investing in public self-storage, staying organized, taking breaks, and hiring a professional moving company.

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