Self-Storage Tips: What You Should and Should Not Do

Every person knows the feeling of having too much stuff and insufficient storage space. When this happens, self-storage is often the best solution. However, if you’re new to renting one, knowing what you should and shouldn’t do to keep your belongings safe and secure is essential.

In this blog, we’ll explore the top self-storage tips so that you know exactly what to do when renting a self-storage unit.

Get a Unit Close to Your Home

Convenience is essential in the realm of self-storage. A decent storage unit is a smooth process to visit. One of the most critical elements to consider in terms of convenience is location – precisely, accessibility to your home. 

You will be significantly less likely to use your storage facility if you drive 45 minutes across town to get to it. When you utilize it, you’ll discover its inconvenient location significantly drain your time and energy. 

Don’t Keep Flammable Items in Your Storage Unit

When not in use, combustible materials should be stored in specific locations. Your storage facility is separate from them. We’ll repeat: keep flammable goods out of your storage container. 

Even if your apartment is climate-controlled, a power loss or other emergency could cause temperatures to rise and flammable materials to catch fire. 

Label Your Boxes

Nothing is worse than digging through your storage facility for hours, ruining your beautifully packed boxes and precisely matching rows of products, looking for a tiny piece in a random box you can’t find. Label your boxes to avoid this problem in the future. . 

Perishables Should Not Be Stored in Your Storage Unit

A storage unit is not a pantry, nor is it a refrigerator. As a result, there are better areas to keep perishables. Food, plants, and other organic stuff in a storage facility will rot with time. This will result in an unpleasant odor at best and toxic mold at worst. Both of these things can damage other items in your unit permanently. 

Do Stack Wisely

Proper storage unit stacking can save you a lot of space and time. To stack efficiently, begin by purchasing boxes of uniform size. This ensures that your stacks are all flush and have no wasted space. 

Next, arrange the heavy, bulkier boxes at the bottom of your stacks and the light, smaller boxes on top. Pile high enough. If every stack of boxes in your unit almost touches the ceiling, it’s time to upgrade to a larger unit.

Don’t Climb on Things to Get Other Things

Climbing in a storage unit is frequently a recipe for catastrophe for your health and boxes. If you must reach for goods over your head, purchase a strong step ladder for your unit and keep it close to the door. This will aid in making your ascent as stable as possible. 

Keep Your Most Often Used Items Near the Front of Your Unit

You want your storage unit journeys to be short, in-and-out affairs. To do so, your stuff must be easily accessible. This may necessitate at least one rearranging trip every year in many circumstances. 


Regarding self-storage, following the right tips and guidelines can significantly affect the safety and convenience of storing your belongings. Remembering these tips, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience with your self-storage unit.

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